Purple Lotus Patient Center  - Where quality and patient comfort are our priorities

903 Commercial St #50 San Jose, CA 95112
If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at:
Regular Hours of Operation:
Please be sure to bring both your ID and recommendation with you!
The Purple Lotus Patient Center offers a highly trained staff, able to help you find the best medication for your condition. Plan to be able to take your time deciding when you come in; we love to talk about our medication and how you can benefit from the different varieties in different ways. The medication is all displayed in glass jars.
At PLPC we weigh everything out in front of you, making it easy to mix and match your order however you desire. Our patients are encouraged to try smaller amounts of several varieties until they find the most effective strain for themselves. If something doesn't work out for you just let us know and we'll be happy to find something more effective and exchange it! 
"Only individuals with legally recognized Medical Cannabis Identification Cards or a verifiable, written recommendation from a physician for medical cannabis may obtain cannabis from our Collective."
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